Technical Diving sites:

These are new pages to our site so we will be working with it continually:  Ive listed the dive sites below with links off to the actual information on the boats before they became wrecks with other research that I think should be very informative. We will also be added divers reports on the site as we get them in...

I see that some people are trying to rubbish our dive trips to the U102 and U92 amongst  other things by suggesting that we did not actually identify them. This is unfortunate but we totally stand by that we have correctly identified them in the first instance. Before we make claims there are hours of research work done first,  I know this is not everybody’s cup of tea but without the efforts of the researchers it would be a heck of a lot harder, again thank you to Kevin Heath, Michael Lowrey  and Mattias Loehr. 

Duke of Albany - Trip Report 2007 by Leigh Grubb with photos      Newspaper article words by Lorraine Shearer

King Eddie  - Trip report 2006 by Paul Mee including photos

SS Bothal - Picture of ship and information   Photos by the divers

U18 - Pictures and information

U102 - Trip Report and Pictures and information

U92 - Information and Trip report 2007 by Steve Slater

Urania - Further information on data base

The divers who had such a successful trip on the U92 they also dived again the Caribean which we located and confirmed identiy a few years ago now they had also dived another virgin wreck which we think may be the TAMARA XII we still need to get positive identidication first.  Another technical trip planned. 

Also check out our wreck data base as we have more information listed

I would also like to thank Kevin Heath - Wreck reseacher as he has supplied lots of information listed.

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